All Characters are Fictional

They are mediocre students

Living in foreign land

From middle income families

They are smart

Just not smart enough for scholarships

But they too wish for studying abroad

So, they work at factories

At restaurants

At bars

If they are lucky enough,

They get a chair to sit

They work hard,

So that they can afford a decent life

So that they get permission to stay

So that they can pay back their debt back at home

Their dads’ not rich, remember?


They study hard

Because they also need to make sure they are completing enough credits

And a good grade maybe?

They are there for education, remember?


They pay their bills

Do their laundries

Cook their own food

Do grocery shopping

Also make sure they had the time to talk to their families

Sometimes, they go to bed without food

Because they are more tired than hungry


They have straight faces, sometimes a happy one

Deep inside they are scared

Scared of failing

Scared of losing their job

Scared of unknowingly breaking a rule

They have traded a lot

Just for a better education

Better opportunities

Better future

For themselves

For their family back at home


You don’t see their struggles often

You only see what they let you see

Happy pictures

Pictures of food they made

Or a piece of cake they bought themselves as a treat

Picture of that pair of shoes they waited for so long to buy from a sale

Their travel photos, for which they worked extra hours


They are strong!


They laugh out loud!

They count their blessings

They dream of better days

with eyes wide open


People call them lucky,

But the clock is constantly ticking!





Munich, Germany

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