Letter to Mahnoor, My Niece

Dear Mahnoor,

Day before yesterday (17 November 2017) I got to know about your existence. Your didun told me that it’s a girl! It brought smile on my face in the midst of all the sufferings I am currently going through. Perhaps I would have celebrated if I were with my near and dear ones. I always knew you would come, sooner or later. Sad part is, I won’t be there to hold you in my arms or see you in person, or stay beside your mum when you will be born.

I am your khama (your khala and mama both), Mahnoor. Your mum’s sister. Your mum took care of me when I was little. More or less, she has some role to play in shaping my life. Trust me, I can already feel your presence in my life and how that presence going to change me as a person. I felt the same way, when your brother was born. When your mum was expecting Mahir, I thought it would be you. You were named back in those days, even when you didn’t exist at all. This doesn’t mean, I will love you more than Mahir. My love for you two would be same.Mahnoor Mehjabeen Samira

I don’t know how much I can influence your upbringing. Your parents have the most right on you. But always remember, you and only you have the full right on your life. This is an amazing world. It has many things to offer. I will say, try everything, to gain experience and knowledge, but before trying, make sure you have the intellect to measure what is right for you and what is wrong. Never do anything that would make you feel ashamed in front of your parents. People will try to make the list of “Never Do” long, but trust me, a lot of thing in that list doesn’t count. It’s all about what you prioritize and how good are you at handling certain things. Just have fun! But stay in focus.

People say, “Fortune favors the brave”, but I say, “Fortune favors those who know what they want in life”. What do you want in life? The earlier you figure this out, the better. I am not asking you to figure out things by the age of ten! Take your time, explore yourself, get as much exposure as you can. These will keep your perspective straight. When you are sure what you want, stand for it, spend every moment pursuing for it. Be what you want, but be the best version of you. Your parents will approve of it when they will see you shine. They will take pride on you, even if they don’t approve of it in the beginning. Trust me, your parents want the best for you, they want you to be happy. They might not know how, but they do. It is you who will assure them that you are choosing the best option and that you are happy.

Our society is more judgmental towards girls than they are towards boys. You will see your brother is allowed to do a lot of stuff that you are not allowed. Don’t let that bring your spirits down. People know you are capable of making magic, they are just too scared to see that. I will say, reach that level of awesomeness where this people’s voice will not reach your ear anymore. I am saying again, stay focused and everything will fall into place.

A lot of time you might feel unsure of what you are doing with your life. We all have been there at some point. It’s normal. Trust your intuition and stay focused. In case you are still confused, your khama is always there to listen to you. I might not give you the best advice, but if you are able to explain your plans to me, you are probably on the right track. I will always understand you, without any question or judgement.

I just have one advice for you: Read as much as you can, read anything and everything! Read novels, biographies, newspaper, magazines, blogs, fairytales, sci-fi, erotica even! The more you read, the more broaden your mind will be. Just follow this one and only advice from khama, please!

My Mahnoor! I can’t tell you what a wonderful human being you will be when you grow up! And I am so excited about that!

With all the love in the world,

Your khama ❤

19 November, 2017

Obernzell, Germany.

(She is born today at 8 am German time and 1 pm BD time. Posting it on this occasion. She shares birthday with Virginia Woolf, so she better follow my advice!)

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