5 Things I Would’ve done as a Prime Minister of Bangladesh for a Day!

Recently, I was asked to submit a write-up on this topic “What will I do if I were made the Prime Minister of Bangladesh for a day?” for a job application. So I became “Super-creative” and submitted a listicle (I have nothing to loose) instead. Later I thought, this could be a good post for my blog.

One day is quite a short span of time to get anything done in Bangladesh, but the scenario is superficial anyway. Below is a list:

1. Free lunch for everyone!


Starting from something light-hearted: why not treat all the government employees with free lunch? This will make them remember the day for quite a long time. Actually, let’s mark that day as “Farah Day” when free lunch will be served in all the government offices every year (unless the “oppositions” cancel it being envious)! No hard feeling for the privet sector; it’s just logistically easy.

2. Initiate emergency helpline number


Like the USA has 911, Bangladesh surely needs such an emergency helpline number which will be toll-free. This number will connect the caller to an answering point that will send emergency responder to the spot. The number will be used only for emergency purpose and any misuse of the number can be considered as a crime. And just think of the all the employment opportunities we can create through this!

3. Make streets clean again.


Okay, I know it’s the job of the city corporation, but each time I see someone throwing some trash out the car window, I cringe a little. DCC has placed trash bin along the footpath which is great, but those who are commuting somewhere via car/bus/CNG/Rickshaw, almost never wait until they get down and find some trash bin. Therefore, I will enforce a law that no one can throw anything on the road while riding a vehicle. Those who will not abide by the rule will be fined 500 taka. Buses will be instructed to place trash-bins inside the bus.

4. Bio-Degradable revolution!


Some of my friends and I have this brainchild aka social business plan of Bio-Degradable Bin Liners (BDBL). We made this plan during our senior year. Even if we graduated and got busy into other stuff, we still have this plan at the back of our mind and I think this would be a perfect time to bring that plan into reality. I will form a committee involving my friends, some scientists, consultants, and myself who will be taking the plan forward, especially work on the prototype development. Government will be taking care of the funding of course. If things work out, Bangladesh will never see a plastic bag in the long term. (Let’s face it; even if the Government banned plastic bags long time ago, it’s still there in some other form).

5. Change the Electoral System


This is serious and next to impossible I guess. Right now the electoral system is First Past the Post (FPTP) where a candidate gaining the highest number of votes from a particular constituency wins a seat in the parliament. Number of votes that goes to other parties does not count. I would change the electoral system to Proportional Representation (PR) where distribution of seats in the parliament depends on the number of votes each party achieves. For example, a particular political party obtained 20% of vote in an election, so this electoral system will allow the party to hold 20% of seats in the parliament. If we really want democracy in the country then PR should be the electoral system that ensures strong opposition to the ruling party as there is a variety of political parties seen in the parliament, eventually making the ruling party accountable. Read the full argument here.

Quite a busy day, eh?

What would YOU have done?

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