5 (or maybe 4) things I’ll do When I’ve Only 24 Hours Left to Live


A few days ago, I saw an article online which was about thing someone would do if he/she gets to know that they have only 24 hours left to live. There are actually a lot of articles as such if you just google it. When I went through one of them, it made me think what I would do if I were in that very unlikely situation. So, I came up with this list as I couldn’t decide on one single thing to do. Surprisingly, while creating the list, the thought of death didn’t scare me at all. On the other hand, I felt the sheer happiness of carrying out all these things listed below.

1. Spend all my money eating at places I always wanted to but never could.


2. Write letters/e-mails to the near and dear ones, write about my feelings for them, appreciating what they did for me, and apologizing if I have ever hurt them.


3. A night out with my friends, drink and party hard.


4. Give away all my belongings.


5. I would love to experience one more thing which requires a partner, but for the lack of a partner, I’ll give up that wish. 😉


So, what about your list? 😀

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