10 signs that say you are from AUW (it’s lame)

1. You are too cool to dress up like other girls all the time because you don’t have time for that!Image


Sportswear is easy to find! 

2. But when you dress up occasionally, you leave the opposite gender breathless! 


Before and after

3. You always have something to carry with yourself, e.g. a backpack (loaded with laptop and study materials), a basketball, a guitar, or a DSLR.



4. You are eager to go home on vacations, but you particularly don’t do anything special there, except for sleep, eat, and repeat or having intellectual fights with your family members.



“I’m so excited, I forgot my ticket!”

5. Normally your weekends are packed up with assignments due next week, readings, club meetings, and a whole bunch of events happening in campus. 



“So you’re telling me it’s weekend and I should relax?”

6. Whatever you eat at home or anywhere, it tastes heavenly after eating dining hall food. 



“Let’s cook anything, it will surely taste good”

7. All those critical thinking classes make a lot of things around you illogical.



8. Gender roles, stereotypes, sexism, racism, discrimination; you cannot pass a day without encountering one of these terms.




9. You can’t wait to graduate and get out of this place, but you start getting emotional from the very beginning of your senior year.



10. And finally, after graduation, you have no idea what you gonna do with your life (because there are way too many options or the other way round)!






7 thoughts on “10 signs that say you are from AUW (it’s lame)

  1. I remember my first day at AUW to collect application form and after watching the students I felt like I belong in this institution. However I got the message for interview in the morning of my flight date. Now I am studying abroad. Like any other Bangladeshi students I appeared on admission test on different universities but it is the AUW I only regret I could get enrolled.

  2. hey hey love all the 10 sings and i hope there are many to add too! 🙂 yeaaah we are auwians!
    good work! miss all the faces here! miss auw and all these activities

  3. ha ha ha can’t stop laughing.. because each one is true… love our campus.. it was hectic and yet it was above the cloud.. when I was there.. OMG I thought I can do anything.. I can be anyone…. ❤ ❤ ❤ can't believe I wanted to get rid of that at that time.. now I want to give up anything to go back there…

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