“Turn off the tap…”

Back in 1998, I used to live in the older part of Dhaka, which is basically known for its crowd and congested neighborhoods. It’s also known for crisis of various facilities like—electricity, water, and gas. Amongst all these, crisis of water used to prevail most at that time.

Often during the day time, there was no water and I used to get an excuse of not taking bath. To solve the problem, WASA, a government-run company for water supply in Dhaka, used to come in the neighborhood with trucks carrying big tanks of water.

Women collecting water from the WASA tank

Women used to carry different sizes of containers from their home and hold it in front of the pipes which came from the tanks. It was the end of my making excuses. To carry a bucket of water for bath from the road to the bathroom was quite laborious and it also used to waste water because water used to spill from the bucket while taking. So, what my mother used to do is, send me with our maid to the tank and make me take bath there, on the street. Let me mention, I was only 6-7 years old then.

The next year we moved to the new part of Dhaka, where there was no scarcity at all, be it water and be it electricity. There was plenty of water and also plenty of wastage of water. Then I got to understand, as people here are wasting water, we had not been getting water there. As I grew up, I also got used to waste. Whenever I waste water, my mother reminds me of those days in old Dhaka. Thinking about those days, I try to save water as much as possible.

When I am applying face wash on my face or brushing my teeth, I keep the tap turned off. May be the drops of water I would save here, will add to their jar who are suffering from water scarcity. So, when you are not using water, turn off the tap. Keep an eye on the container you are filling with water, so that you can turn it off timely.

In my religion, it is said, “If you waste, Satan is your brother.” And I don’t think Satan would make a good brother. So, if you don’t want to make him your brother, don’t waste! TURN OFF THE TAP!!!!

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