Cover Letter: Letter to My Professor of Journalism Class

Dear Ma’am,

If I am told to compare my experiences in the course “Introduction to Journalism” with something else, I would compare it with a long roller coaster ride. Before taking the ride, I was excited and nervous at the same time. When the ride started, it was so fast that I didn’t even notice when it ended. The times when the presentation and other articles were due, was like the extreme slants of the roller coaster!

In a short period of time, I got to learn a lot of things about journalism. I loved the book Inside Reporting, which is I guess the most interesting course material I have ever been through. It has got valuable tips and processes of writing different types of article. Even I think it will be a good idea to keep a copy of that book with budding journalists like us all the time. I had never thought that there are different kinds of writing style in journalism. But the most valuable thing that I have learned is the ethical issues of journalism. Newspaper can built and destroy someone’s career at the same time. According to Napoleon Bonaparte, “Four hostile newspapers are more to be feared than a thousand bayonets.” Newspapers raise awareness among people and resist the criminals from doing wrong things. At the same time, it can spoil someone’s reputation who is innocent or even a victim. In this case, journalists need to watch out before reporting something. Journalism is about bringing out the truth, not ruining someone’s life who is not even a criminal.

Each time, when I was assigned to write an article, I used to wonder what to write. I used to feel like totally lost. With your guidance, and tips from Inside Reporting, I used to get started and somehow finish the writing. Though I never got ‘publishable’ in any of the article, I am happy that at least I have been able to write. From my mistakes, some minor and some major, I have learned too. A recurrent mistake that I have done is using weak verbs like—is, are, was, and was. I have tried my best to correct the mistake and I promise I will try my best avoiding this mistake. The ethical issue presentation was somewhat challenging. I was not happy with the topic I was given at first. I was wondering what to present and what not. But getting your and my other group mates’ assistance, the presentation was much easier. At the end, after getting appreciation from you and other classmates, I believe, I and my group mates have accomplished the assignment adequately.

At first I used to think that writing an article for journalism and a paper for other subject is totally different. I even used to go through difficulty because for journalism class I had to make paragraphs more concise, but in academic paper for other subject, I had to elaborate the topic as much as possible. So, I used to think these two types of writing quite contradictory. But in the last week of class, when you made us to do that activity of comparing journalism writing and academic writing, I realized the skills can help me in writing papers for other classes as well. All the skills, elements, and genres of journalism have more or less similarities and differences with academic writing. Most of all, I have always wanted to write articles in magazines and papers, but after taking the class I could find the differences between the journalistic writing and general writing. Following your advice and tips, I might be able to write on magazine some day.

Above all, through this course I have learned how to bring out the truth and raise voice against crimes and violence. It also taught me to be ethical. These valuable things will definitely help me to shape my life and become a better human being, no matter I seek my career in journalism or not.

At the end of the course I am feeling just like the way I would feel after a roller coaster ride: happy, relishing, and sighing with content. Thank you ma’am, thank you for everything!


Farah Moriam



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