Celebrating The Inspirational Deity

Durga puja, the biggest autumnal festival of the Hindu community, had been celebrated wholeheartedly for three consecutive days in Asian university for Women (AUW), Chittagong.

AUW is known for its diversity and cross-cultural environment. That’s why the celebration was done in such a way so that students and faculty can participate irrespective of their cast and religion. On the ninth day of the Puja, which is called Navami, students were taken to different puja mondops in the city. Hindu students paid homage and bowed their heads in front of the idol of Durga, while students of other religion enjoyed the festivity of the mondops and learned about the Hindu rituals.

Next day, known as Dashami, the Tika ritual was held by the Hindu students, where an elder person puts tika on their forehead and blesses them for their happy life. They also sang religious songs and danced on the tune all together.

On the last day, the celebration was more elaborated and diversified. It was enthusiastically participated by the faculty of different countries.  Dr. Ashok Kesari, provost of the university, also joined the celebration with his family. In celebration, students from Bangladesh, India, Nepal, and Sri Lanka gave individual presentation on how Durga Puja is celebrated in their country. They talked about their different rituals to observe the puja. Moreover the decoration of the venue reflected the rituals with rangoli and diyas. At the end of the celebration, the faculty and Provost gave a speech and gave blessings to the students.

Students of AUW are taught to be cosmopolitan and spread the message of kinship, of which the celebration was an epitome.





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