Go Global

In this age of globalization, most part of the world is being influenced by Western culture. In other words, the world is becoming Westernized or Americanized. This Americanization also affects my culture in both positive and negative ways, but still we hold a value with us and that is family bonding.

In my culture, members in a family share a strong bonding with each other. Children are much attached with their parents no matter how grown up they are. Even a mature person who is independent and established consults with him or her parents about every matter. A family may remain busy in day time, at night the whole family gathers to have dinner and share their stories of the day. When parents become old, children take good care of them and fulfill their needs. Relationship between siblings is also very strong. They are concerned about and share everything with each other.In addition, the younger siblings respect their elder siblings a lot and the elder siblings also adore their younger ones like their own children.

On the contrary, it is totally different in western culture. As far as I know, there children detach themselves from their parents as soon as they reach adulthood. They always take their decisions by themselves and like to lead their life in their own way. The whole family gathers together may be in Christmas or Thanksgiving Day. Due to not having family bonding they sometime suffer from various kind of problems; for example, loneliness, frustration and divorce. Parents become helpless and lonely at their old age. They spend their last days of life in old-age homes. Creation of family bonding will help them to a great extent to avoid the problems. That’s why, I would like family bonding from my culture to be globalized, which will make them closer to their family.

It is true that there is less privacy in my culture’s family relationship. Actually, for the bonding our family members become so close to us that we don’t need that much of privacy. Moreover, sometime excessive privacy isolates us from our near and dear ones and gradually we become an alien to them. So, no matter how I become westernized, I will hold this cultural value in me always and try to make it a global value.


One thought on “Go Global

  1. What can I say about this,,, good or more, best but sour. It’s like a bitter taste writing. Talking in complication but dealing with true virtues’ our classic family styles..

    9.25 / 10

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