A Stupid Surprise

It was 31st July 2011. Yes, it was my birthday. For a long time I was not having a surprise from my friends or family. I had quite forgotten what a surprise is all about. So, on my birthday, some of my stupid friends wanted to give me a “surprise”. Yes, I wrote the word in quotation marks because it’s an irony. It was not a surprise at all. On the contrary, I was a bit shocked to acknowledge that they had been having a misconception about me though they are my close friends.

“Dosto, I have planned a treat for you guyz tomorrow in food court at 5 pm. Be there okay…..”

“Okay, let’s see……..If we have enough time to be there.”

Frankly speaking, hearing this I was quite sure that they will come because those friends are ready to go to any place where they can eat free of cost. They were just showing a bit of Vaab, which means to show self-importance. The next day at 3 pm I called once again just to give them a reminder. That time they told me the same thing.

You know what? I was quite relaxed because I was thinking of saving my money. The less the friends are the more money I can save. However, all of my other friends except those started to arrive. They wanted to give the order, but I was waiting for those to come. Right after some minutes, they arrived with a confused face and told me about the “surprise” they wanted to give me. They had planned that I would call them for their being late and then they would say that they were not able to come for some reason. They presumed that hearing this I’ll cry or feel very upset and then all on a sudden they would arrive and I’d feel “blessed” to have them. They had no idea that I would not call them and ruin their plan. I also came to know that they had proposed my other friends also to join them in their plan. But fortunately, others know me very well and didn’t support them.

Eventually, I WAS a little bit upset because my dearest friends don’t know what does a surprise actually mean. In my opinion, a surprise should always be pleasant. Surprises that are not pleasant are not surprise at all, they are SHOCK. You can’t give a surprise to someone by making him/her feel miserable. So, please do think twice before planning a surprise, try to guess how your friend will feel to have the surprise. After all, you are his/her friend and you always want to make your friend feel the happiest on his/her special day, right?


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