A Wedding in The Wintertime

It was a shiny day of winter of 1980 in Bombay, India. Moni just returned from his work in his chawl, where he used to live with some other boys of his age in a single room. As soon as he entered the room he encountered someone in peacock green sari sitting with the landlady that made him elated, surprised, and shocked at the same time. It was Mira, the love of his life, who was sitting there in a relaxed mood chatting with the landlady. Seeing him, Mira just stood up and asked with a smiling face,

“How are you doing?”

Instead of answering this simple question, a series of questions came out of his mouth,

“What are you doing here? How did you make this long journey from Calcutta to Bombay? Have you come alone? Is everything alright?”

“Calm down, dear. Freshen up yourself first and then I’ll answer your every question,” she said with the same smile. May be that smile had something divine in it that soothed him immediately. Moni calmed down himself for a moment, but he couldn’t for long when several questions were piling up inside his mind. Mira had understood his condition. So, she just took his hand on her hand and slowly said,

“I have left my home, my parents for you and I’m not going back there before getting married.”

“But what about our religion? Being a Hindu, won’t you feel embarrassing to live with a Muslim? Back then in Calcutta, you didn’t tell me anything about our relationship when I disclosed the fact that I’m a Muslim,” Moni said.

“I didn’t tell you anything that doesn’t mean that I broke up with you. I’m so much into you, dear. So, after pondering a lot, I discovered that I have no other way to go except the way that leads to you. So I’m here,” Mira retorted.

Women are the most complicated creation of god I guess because they themselves don’t know what they want. When Moni had told her that he was a Muslim, Mira just had left the place without saying anything. May be she was too shocked to say anything, but as soon as she realized her love for him, she was right there where she was supposed to be.

Hearing all these, Moni was happy and nervous at the same time. He was at a fix what to do. “Mira, you won’t believe how happy I’m right now! It feels like I am in the seventh heaven. But still there are some matters that I am bothered about,” said Moni.

Moni was doing a job that was not paying a lot to start a family. Moreover, according to Muslim laws, he couldn’t marry a girl from other religion. Mira would be converted in to Muslim as soon as she will marry Moni, which he was wondering that Mira might not agree with. When asked, Mira just said the same thing, “I am so much in love with you yaar! If I can leave my home and my parents, I can leave my religion as well. Moreover, it is said that a woman’s religion is her husband’s religion,” Mira answered with a spirit. “And in case of your low salary, I am sure we can manage because I’ll also do part-time job to add up to the family income,” enthusiastically she said.

Right after that, Moni just ran out of home, went to his employer, and asked him for advanced salary. Fortunately, he had some amazing neighbors around him who were more like a family. They all contributed money for his wedding more or less and did all the arrangements. By the next day, the whole chawl was beaming with lightings. Everyone was busy in arranging things sincerely with the background tune of shehnai, which had added a festive mood in the environment. Though the arrangements were not so grand, it was saturated with the love of the lovebirds and their family-like neighbors. Moni was known as Maharaja in the area. So, by the afternoon, everyone from the neighborhood came to know that it was Maharaja’s wedding and they all were invited. At last, hundreds of people witnessed the holy union of the two lovebirds and blessed them for a happy conjugal life.

Moni and Mira, after 11 days of their wedding.....

Sometime, our life takes us to a standstill, where we get confused whether we should listen to our brain or agree with our heart. The more pragmatic thing to do is to listen to the brain because there is more liability of not being deceived. On the contrary, the option that we chose listening to our brain is not wished by our heart. When we choose something we don’t want, we fail to handle that thing for long. In this case, it’s better to take a chance and pay heed to your heart. After all, life is all about taking risk. If you are lucky enough, you’ll be able to thank your god to make you listen to your heart and be happy. For this reason, after thirty years of her wedding, Mira is seen arranging her own daughter’s wedding ceremony and praying to her god so that her daughter also has a happy married life like her. She believes that her daughter may not get the best husband in the world because she, herself is married to the best one, whom she wants to get as her husband in her next life as well.


6 thoughts on “A Wedding in The Wintertime

  1. Oh my goodness Farah!!! it’s just awesome dear!..my mind has filled with esteem for them…may allah bless them with endless love so that they can live together after death too. ur ending snatches away my mind so far…i can’t touch my own feelings even….I had also almost same experience….she listened to her heart, but i betrayed my heart….my heartiest love for her…♥

  2. A perfect n complete love story….I just loved it…hope u’ll also get da one whom u desire…throughout ur life…..Good Luck!

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