It’s Problematic

Couple of days ago I gave a status on facebook. It was:

“What is a girl friend?

Addition of problems,

subtraction of money,

multiplication of enemies


division of friends.

So avoid it yaar………………”

And the next day, I was attacked with massive notifications. All of my male friends supported me; some were wondering why I gave this kind of status, even though I am a girl, and my female friends seemed to be indignant and offended. Now let me explain…

Of course my status is not true in all cases, but you can’t invalidate it totally. It has some truth in it, and I am telling it from my experience by observing girls and boys around me. If you are sort of dumbo or something, you are vulnerable to problematic girlfriends, who can cost you enough to make you empty pocket in the middle of the month, provide you with some enemies (who are also dumbo like you because they want the same girl), and isolate you from your best buddies. But if you are shrewd enough, then you don’t have to bother yourself with those problem girlfriends (like as problem child).

Now let me tell you why I gave this kind of status when I myself am a GIRL. Read the sentence once again. I am a GIRL, not a GIRLFRIEND. I am staying far away from that common noun. Asking why? Because there are lots of problematic boyfriends as well. One problematic boyfriend is enough to make your life hell. You may have to ask your boyfriend before even peeing; otherwise he may think that you are going to receive you other boyfriend’s call. Gradually, he will try to take your life under his control and leave you in a complete deadlock. You can’t keep your keep your cell phone off at night because he will suspect that you may have been using another SIM and talking with someone else. You can’t even keep it on because then you have to speak with him over the night, even though you have class the next day at 8 am. Again, if you are a numskull or something, stay far away from the species called “Boyfriends” because you never know who is problematic among them and who is not. Well, in that case… I am also a numskull!

At last, a piece of advice (though I know I don’t have that authority): love is a divine thing. If you can’t feel it, avoid having girlfriends/boyfriends just for a show off or as a trend. Don’t consider your boyfriends piggy bank, from which you can take out money anytime to buy candy floss. And boys, don’t you dare to consider your girlfriends as your basketball or cricket bat, because they are not supposed to be that! Be each other’s best buddies at first, then you’ll enjoy the relationship, rather than feeling suffocated.


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