Demise of a Dream

She was as swift as wind. She used to flatter like a humming bird. She was never stable, always hopping like a grasshopper. She was Mira, a tomboyish girl of 16 and the eldest child of her parents. Her parents tried their best to teach her manners, but at the same time, they loved her a lot, which allowed her to keep on being a tomboy. She was one of the best students of her class. She had the spirit to change the society and go beyond stereotypes. In the bottom of her heart, she always cherished a dream to become a singer because she had a god-gifted voice, which could sing like a cuckoo sings in the spring. She didn’t let go off the talent in vain. Every morning she used to practice with a harmonium to make her voice even better. Her hard works were taking her closer to her dreams.

Unfortunately, a sudden change stopped her from making her dream come true. It was love. She fell in love with a stranger so deeply that coerced her to sacrifice everything. She left behind her family, her country and even her dream for the sake of love. Now she has a small family with the love of her life and two darling daughters. She is now a typical housewife and a caring mother, who knows very well how to manage a house. But nobody knows that still she wants to pursue her dream. Still she dreams to sing in front of a thousand audiences, but alas, she can’t sing in tune now for lack of practice. And the dream… the dream only remained as a dream. It never came true.

16-year-old Mira

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