Term Paper On Facebooking (Edited)

Facebooking: Causes and Effects

“Do you have a facebook account?” if your answer is “No,” then you’re considered to be an alien, who has just landed his flying saucer on earth. Believe me, whoever asked you that question won’t say anything like this, but it’ll be clear to you by his expression. Yes, facebook is such an “important” thing that we can’t stop ourselves asking the question to each and every person we are meeting. It has become a part and parcel of our day to day life, mostly the young generation’s life. The website facebook was invented by a student of Harvard University in USA and its usage was limited within the campus, but gradually, it became famous among youngsters and spread all over the world like a mania. Now-a-days, facebook is one of the most popular means of communications among people though it has both positive and negative effects in our life.

Now let’s take a look at some reasons behind using facebook. Why do we use facebook? It varies from person to person. You usually read books, listen to music, or play games in your leisure hours, but what if you’ve already finished reading all your books, you’re bored to listen the same music in your playlist again and again, or you’re feeling too lazy to play any game. This is the time when you feel like to log on your facebook account and visit your friends’ profile. So, facebook causes reduction of loneliness and boredom. Facebook is also considered to be a way of relaxation. After having a stressful day, some people like to sit in front of it with a mug of coffee. It sometime helps to forget all the depression and boost up the spirit for next day.

After that, communication is a big reason for using facebook. It connects people from different part of the world. When two persons chat with each other from different parts of the world it seems they’re sitting in the same room. Facebook is not only used for communication but also socialization. Normally in life we make friends from our own territory, our classmates, colleagues, and neighbors. We don’t get much chance to make friends from different region or different background. When we feel this need, we simply use facebook. Sometimes, the memories of our old friends push us to search for them, it is quite impossible to search them in this big world as they do not have any contact with them for many years. In this case, facebook helps them in a big deal. All they have to do is to memorize their friends’ names or search for their e-mail IDs in their old notebooks. Some people also try to find the love of their lives through facebook (I don’t know how effective is that).

Sometimes people use facebook when they want to share something with others. When they have a thought or idea that they want others to know, they find facebook as a better way of it. Through this sharing, people get to know others point of view and ideas as well. People can also share their personal information, their hobbies, their likings and disliking through it. Facebook is widely used for sharing pictures and videos. When people want to share pictures and videos with their friends or relatives staying far away from them, they use facebook as a possible way. At last facebook is used to do advertisements. Some people take the chance of launching or advertising their business institutions or products through facebook as it is free of cost.

Now let’s move on to the outcomes of facebook and know how it affects people’s life. At first, let’s see some negativity. Too much facebooking leads to severe addiction. Some people gets frustrated when they do not get chance to access facebook. The frustration is actually caused by addiction. People get so much obsessed with facebook that they even forget to take their meal or do their daily activities sometime. Facebooking hampers the students a lot who are addicted to facebook. They start to escape from studies and get low grades, which lead them to a dark academic career. They also start to spend the playing hours on facebook, when they should go to the playground and play outdoor games which will keep them healthy. Facebooking also leads them to procrastination. They tend to do their studies and other activities later, but at last they don’t do that at all. Moreover, facebook is fully loaded with fake IDs of cheats and frauds. So people can’t exactly say when they will fall victim to a cheat who will use their profile information negatively and cause them harm.

Let’s illuminate some positive effects of facebook, those positive effects for which people still use this website. At present, people are leading a busy time. They rather get time to keep contact with their friends, but facebook helps them to keep their friends in touch all the time. Through facebook, they get to know about their friends all at once. Sometime, facebook expands people’s network. They get friends from different fields and get help from them whenever they need. It also becomes a reason of brotherhood and mutuality among diferent ehtnicities and races. People also get information by using this network in a very easy way. In addition, facebook gives promotion to different causes which raise social awareness and motivate people to advocate for a cause. It also gives promotion to different kinds of business institutions or products that people advertise.

In spite of having several negativities facebook has become a part of our life though it is merely a website. We can see different reasons that causes people to use facebook, but sometimes the over usage or negative usage leads people to harm themselves. So, it is better for everyone to use it in a proper and limited way, so that it does not cause harm to them and others as well.


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