Why do u love??????

I am thinking about love. NOT FALLING IN LOVE, OK. Why do people fall in love? In a certain age, most of my friend want to fall in love just because they feel lonely. They want someone special in life. They ask their friends to find him/her girlfriend/boyfriend. Do love can be arranged??? It seems to me the weirdest!! Come on! I am not a loveguru or something, but I assure u…..I am a production of a pure love, the pure love that my maa and papa share. They didn’t fall in love with each other just for loneliness. I sometime ask my papa why did he love my maa becasue he is much more goodlooking than her. He says that he felt something in him when he saw maa for the first time, when she stepped out from the train after a long journey, exhausted and tired. He couldn’t explain what was the feeling, but I guess that was………LOVE.

Happy Valentine’s Day all!!!!!!!

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