Sister Love

keep-calm-and-love-your-sister-1140Do you remember when you were a newborn baby, someone took you in her small arms clumsily and you bitterly complained with a cry? You were brought up wearing her clothes which she used to wear in her childhood. You enjoyed breaking her toys that she had preserved with her life for years, but she never complained about that. She is no one but your sister.

A sister is someone who used to change your diapers when you were an infant and your mother was not at home.

A sister is when she took you to the playground obeying your mother’s order. Her peers used to play joyfully there, but she couldn’t help but see that from a distance, holding you in her arms. She couldn’t join them because she had to look after you.

A sister is someone who is born to create competition for you. Sometimes you think that it would have been better if you were the one and only child of your parents, but in the bottom of your heart, you know what her value in your life is.

A sister is someone who suddenly starts to give you tuition when your grades were going down. At first you thought that she is doing so because she is worried about your grades, but after some days you get to know that she has been charging your dad 1,000 taka for the service.

A sister is someone who tells you on the night before your birthday that she is out of money and can’t buy you a present, but next morning you find the funky pair of shoes you had showed her in the shopping mall a few weeks ago beside your bed, tied with a red ribbon and a note saying, “Happy Birthday MONSTER!!”

A sister is when you wake up in the middle of the night and tell her that you are feeling scared, and she puts her arm around you and helps you fall asleep again.

In the end, a sister is someone with whom you are attached with even before you were born. Both of you were in the same womb before landing on earth. You can feel each other’s blues and bliss, and that needs no reason indeed.

7 thoughts on “Sister Love

  1. The unshared or unrealized causes of Sister… & The Oscar goes to Miss. Pinkz ( Angel ) for here kind opinion about her sister; perhaps our sister as for she has been my sister since 1998. I am definitely going to tell here about your feelings on sisters. 😀

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