I am not obsessed about any particular kinda food. I just want well-cooked and tasty food. To me, my maa is the best chef in the world. I think it’s the same in case of everyone. I can adjust with food in a different place, but I feel like to cry when the food is not eatable. I have no wrath to Chinese food. In fact, I love it. But today, I have lost  all my apetite for it! And I don’t know whom to allege. It was a complimentary dinner, served by my varsity on the occasion of Chinese New Year, but the food was cooked may be in Aristrocate, one of the “best” hotel in Chittagong! The name of the items sounds good. But you dare even smell them!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was coerced to eat that because I had no other option. And now, I am not feeling well……………………. 😦

3 thoughts on “Food

  1. Seems like; you are addicted to formal kind of food or to me, I name these kinds of food as HJF (Home Junk Food). Taste differs and differs in the quickest possible shade of time. Taste never leads same. Variety in food brings variety in our lives or mentally multiplies. All foods are same. They are just prepared and presented in a different look to show uniqueness.

    ~ ! ‡ ! ~

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