I am not a writer. I am afraid of it. I wonder how do people write blogs, how do they write journals in magazines! I envy them! But I have found out that to write in a blog I don’t have to be a good writer. That’s why I have started to write…………write whatever I want. Let’s see what happens………………….. 🙂

5 thoughts on “Hello!!!!!!!

    1. Ami Devil King nah !
      I am the Guardian of Devil’s Reaper.
      The Defender of Evil (D-Evil).
      I am the innocent (Eno+Cent) one…
      I am simply a Good Devil….
      Or you can say; the Prototype of Devils Council .. 😀

  1. You have to start somewhere, so I’m glad that you’ve started at all. With practice, you can write like the people you admire and definitely find your own voice. I certainly did!

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